Types of Losses not Covered Under an Auto Insurance Policy in Kearny, NJ

When you buy auto insurance in Kearny, NJ, you should understand what your policy does and does not cover. Every policy will at least include a minimum amount of state-mandated bodily injury and property damage coverage. More extensive coverage, sometimes called full coverage, includes collision and comprehensive and, in many cases, emergency towing services and rental car reimbursement.

You can buy auto insurance that will pay for loss due to an accident, an act of vandalism, or theft of your vehicle. A policy may cover loss of certain personal property inside of your vehicle. Even if you were totally to blame for an accident, your car insurance company will pay to fix the damage to your car. What a car insurance policy will not pay for is the cost of routine maintenance, upgrades to your vehicle, or any fraudulent act that you perpetrate in order to collect money from your insurer.

Routine maintenance includes such things as buying new tires, getting new brakes or running your car through a $25 car wash. If you happen to suffer a blowout and subsequently get into an accident, your insurance company will probably honor a claim for the body damage to your vehicle and also pay to get you a new tire. If you decide that your car needs a new custom paint job or you want some cool hubcaps, that expense is on you and not your car insurance company.

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Compare Homeownwers Insurance Rates in NJ

The process of buying a home can be exciting; however, you should also evaluate the possible risks that can arise and purchase a homeowner's policy that is appropriate for your needs. When you are sure about the coverage that you want, you can compare homeowners insurance rates to find the best policies for your current situation. As your independent agent, we can assist with the process so that you can find the best policy.

Using Online Tools

Comparing homeowners insurance rates does not mean that you must talk to an agent over the phone. You can also use online tools to compare your options and quickly look at the top insurance providers in the area.

As your independent agency, we provide online comparison tools for homeowner's insurance that provide results within a short period of time. The online tools will ask for some basic information, such as the size of the house and the number of bedrooms, so that you can get accurate quotes.

Obtaining Professional Help

If you are not sure about the different policies, then you can also talk to an agent over the phone. An agent is available at any time to answer your questions and offer recommendations based on your goals.

Along with the basic services that an agent offers, you can ask for advice or explanations of the policy options. The best policy for your situation may vary, so you should always look at several plans before you make the purchase.

Homeowner's insurance is an important part of protecting your home, but that does not mean that you must over-spend for your coverage. With the assistance of professional agents, you can compare your rates quickly and find an affordable option. To learn more about coverage for your home, contact us today.