Five Things You May Learn from a Commercial Insurance Review

Did you know the population of Harrison, New Jersey dropped over 5% between the 2000 and the 2010 Census? Did you also know that the loss has already been more than made up in the five years since? Harrison is growing again, and the evidence can be seen with new developments and housing. This growth and the potential it holds have re-energized the business community. It is an exciting time.

Is your business growing? Has it changed in the past few years? Have you added new products, expanded or invested in new electronics? If it has, you should consider a business insurance review. An insurance review can tell you many things. Here are just five things you may learn from a commercial insurance review.

  1. Whether your business is covered from damage sustained from heavy snow buildup on your roof.
  2. What types of water damage your policy covers.
  3. If the windows in your storefront are covered for breakage.
  4. Whether you are covered for theft or not, and to what extent.
  5. If you are paying too much for coverage that is inadequate.

If your business is in or near the 07029 zip code, your E.S.T.I.R. insurance agent would be pleased to offer you a complimentary, no obligation business insurance review. This is particularly important if it has been a while since you’ve last reviewed your coverage. If your coverage is inadequate, our independent agents will scour multiple companies to find a policy that fits your business and your budget.

Visit our website and get comparative quotes on your auto or homeowners insurance. Once you see how we can save you money, we are counting on you calling us for a business insurance review.

E.S.T.I.R. is pleased to serve Harrison and excited for what the coming years will bring. We would be pleased to be a part of your team.

The Biggest Pitfall of Buying Newark, New Jersey Commercial Insurance

There are some sizeable businesses headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Prudential Financial and The Panasonic Corporation of North America call Newark home. We are also home to hundreds of smaller, independent businesses who contribute to the economy and provide jobs. These small business are a critical part of Newark and deserve your support. Large or small, all businesses need to protect their interest. They generally do it with commercial insurance.

There can be pitfalls in buying commercial insurance. Insurance can sometimes be a bit complicated. You have captive agents and independent agents. There’s Special Form insurance and Basic Form insurance. There are coverage limits and deductibles to be concerned about. You don’t want to overpay, but you don’t want inadequate coverage either. But what is the biggest pitfall of buying Newark business insurance?

It may be not giving yourself enough options.

That is what an independent agency like E.S.T.I.R. can deliver for you. Captive agents only have the opportunity to show you a rate from the single company they represent. In an effort to get a better price from that company, coverage may be trimmed. That can become a problem. Independent agents can scour multiple companies. In this search, our professionals can help find the appropriate options at the best possible price.

You can give us a try with your personal insurance. Visit our website and get a comparative quote on your automobile or homeowners insurance. When you see the results, we hope you will let us quote your business insurance.

Avoid the pitfalls of buying Newark commercial insurance for your business. Make the most of your budget and get the coverage you need by getting the options you deserve. Contact E.S.T.I.R. and put us to work for you.