5 Tips Before You Decide on a Commercial Insurance Policy

Commercial insurance doesn’t just mean that you’re keeping an eye out for potential property disasters, it’s also about caring for your employees and customers as well. If you don’t have enough coverage, it can cripple your business with excess costs and legal matters. Use these 5 tips before you decide on a policy. 

1. Consider Your Area 

Manassas gets its fair share of rain but even if it didn’t, floods can still happen practically anywhere. Water, windstorms, and earthquakes can cause major damage, but they’re not generally covered under normal policies. 

2. Looking Ahead 

Right now you may not see very many threats to your business, but you need to keep in mind what might happen in the future. Some ‘customers’ or even employees are only there to catch you on a technicality so they can sue you. Commercial insurance gives you a means to fight off their accusations. 

3. When You Need Repairs 

A large insurance company may not be very organized when it comes to getting a claim covered. Do you really need to be transferred three times when your business needs to be addressed ASAP?

4. Mobility and You 

Mobile equipment is often not on your property, which means you need an insurance policy that will extend for all of your tools — not just what’s located on your grounds or official office. 

5. Getting a Partner 

A good insurance company can explain the terms of your commercial insurance to you in a way that makes sense, and even give you specific tips based on your business so you’re better protected. E.S.T.I.R. Inc. is here for the people of Newark, NJ, and we want to talk to you about your policy. Give us a call today!

Gas Mileage: Are You Getting the Best?

When was the last time you checked your gas mileage. If you’ve recently purchased a newer vehicle, then you probably have one that tells you the gas mileage you are getting. And while this feature can prove to be of the utmost value, it’s still important to make sure check your mileage using a handy calculator as this will help determine whether or not the gas mileage sensor is correct. To get the best mileage possible, make sure to follow these other helpful tips. 

Do you have a lot of stuff in your trunk?

If you are constantly toting around heavy items in your car, this can cause the gas mileage to decrease. A few hundred pounds can reduce gas mileage by two to 10+ miles per gallon which over the time period of a year, can cost you hundred of dollars on gas that otherwise wouldn’t have had to be spent. 

Do you invest in maintenance?

Another factor that will greatly influence the type of gas mileage you get is maintenance. The better maintenance you have performed on your car, the better the mileage you’ll get. With this mind, you should not look at investing in maintenance as something to dread. In fact, it very well can save you lots of money over the life of your car. 

To learn more about improving gas mileage and taking care of your car in the best manner possible, contact a local insurance agency today. If you live in the Princeton area, contact E.S.T.I.R. Inc. today. We can answer any questions you may have as well as help you process claims.