How to Educate Your Employees to Keep them Safe in Newark

Educated employees not only perform better on the job but the are also safer on the job as well. But how should you go about educating your employees in order to keep them safe? The E.S.T.I.R. Inc. services greater Newark and can assist with any and all of these kinds of situations. They have informational access to education courses in the area to help inform your employees of not only how to properly complete a task at hand, but how to stay safe while completing the task. 

Educating your employees can change drastically depending on the industry you are in. From food services and preparation to construction and manufacturing, each line of work has its own set of health risks. Courses and classes offered on these different forms of safety offer insights into how to avoid the spread of germs in a kitchen to avoiding construction zone accidents. 

When selecting the right kind of courses for your employees, there are other forms of insurance you need to look into as well. While educating your staff does reduce the potential for injury, mistakes do happen and accidents do occur. By investing in workers compensation insurance, you can protect not only your staff but yourself as a business owner as well. Professional liability insurance can help with coverage in other ways, so if you need assistance with locating courses to improve employee education on safety or if you are in need of specific insurance plans to protect the business, E.S.T.I.R. Inc. servicing Newark, New Jersey can help with this. 

Proper safety techniques are required in any business to maintain a healthy work environment. This is why educating your employees on how to stay safe while on the job is a must. 

How To Lend A Hand At A Car Accident

As you drive in Newark, you may notice that there is a car accident. If the police haven’t arrived yet, consider pulling over and lending a hand. There are a few things you can do in order to have a dramatic impact on the outcome.

Call 911

The sooner you call, the sooner help can be on its way. Be specific as to location, the number of cars involved, and anything that may be relevant. The operator may provide you with additional instructions as well.

Keep Your Car Out of the Way

Remember that there are going to be police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances arriving. Keep your car at least 100 feet away so that it doesn’t need to be moved when help arrives.

Check on Everyone

There may still be people inside the cars of the accident. Talk to them, let them know you have called 911, and see what you can do. Even if they cannot get out of the car, it can be reassuring if there is someone talking to them. It can help to keep blood pressure even, too.

Shut Down the Vehicles

The cars may still be engaged, which can lead to more fluid leaking as well as other problems. Put the cars in park and then turn off their ignitions.

Wait for Help to Arrive

You may have to wait a while to be spoken to, but the police will want to have a conversation with you because you may have witnessed the crash. Your contact information will be taken as well, which can be used by others as the investigation continues.

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