What Losses are Covered by Home Insurance in Harrison, NJ

Homeowners policies are extensive, but they don’t provide unending coverage against anything that could happen to your home. Instead, home insurance operates on a set of listed perils that cover common issues that befall homes. In some areas, you can purchase additional insurance protection for perils that aren’t included in this list, which most often includes flood insurance for Harrison, NJ.

To get an idea of what you can file claims about with a basic home insurance policy, here are a few of the listed perils. Fire and fires caused by lightning is one of the most common protections offered by homeowners insurance. There is some complexity with fire related claims, as some claims may be denied if an investigation reveals that the fire was intentionally set by one of the occupants of the home. If lightning strikes your home and causes damage, particularly damage to the electrical systems of the house, this is also covered.

The next common natural disaster that gets covered is wind and hail damage. You might not think that these could cause all that much of an issue, but if the wind speeds are high enough and the hail is large enough, your house and property can take a beating.

For accidents that aren’t caused by nature, one of the most common situations you may end up dealing with are vehicles that have hit your home or garage. This particular listed peril also covers aircraft impact, although that’s thankfully not a common situation.

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Everyone needs some sort of insurance policy in their life, either for personal or commercial reasons, but the monthly payments represent a significant overhead. Instead of sticking to paying too much for your insurance, there are a few ways you can talk to us to see if you can bring down your insurance payments.

One way that a monthly premium is determined is through your credit score. While this isn’t a huge factor when setting up insurance, if you have a significantly improved credit score compared to when you first created your policy, it’s worth getting in touch and seeing whether it makes a difference with your policy.

Changing the maximum coverage level for the contents of your house or apartment with homeowners and renters insurance helps to adjust the premium as well. If you increase your coverage level, your monthly premium is adjusted accordingly. You may want to look into specialty insurance if you are increasing your coverage level due to assets such as a boat, which can have its own separate insurance policy.

If you change the deductible, you are altering the amount of financial liability you have before the insurance company covers the bill. A lower deductible is great if you want to avoid paying large lump sums when accidents happen, but it’s not as good if you aren’t able to afford the higher monthly premium. Raising your deductible generally brings down your monthly premium.

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