How can Traffic Tickets affect auto Insurance rates in Newark, NJ?

If you tend to have a lead foot and regularly exceed the speed limit while driving on the roads and highways in Newark, New Jersey, you better watch out for those red flashing lights that will inevitably show up in your rear view mirror. Getting traffic tickets for any kind of moving violation can lead to a big increase in your auto insurance rates when it comes time to renew your car policy.

When you get tickets for speeding, failure to yield the right of way, illegal passing, failing to slow down in a school zone, or any number of serious traffic violations, you have several choices. You can simply plead guilty to the charge and get points assessed to your driver’s license. You will then have to pay the fine and it is possible that your insurance rates for your vehicle will go up.

It is never a good thing when you get a ticket for driving too fast in Livingston or going through a red light in Montclair. Not only will you almost always be looking at a fine of at least $100 dollars, but the incident will be reported to your insurance company. While one ticket for speeding might not affect your car premium, three or four will definitely send it higher than it was before the traffic infractions occurred.

You may be able to take a driver education class to keep from getting points on your license, but that will not dismiss the charges and you will still have to pay the ticket or tickets you received. Other than maintaining a clean driving record for at least the next three years and not getting any more tickets, there is not much you can do when you have been found guilty of traffic violations and ordered to pay the penalty.

As your independent agent, we might be able to find you an insurance company who is more lenient with their rates for drivers with traffic tickets on their record. Give us a call and let an independent agent help you find the most affordable car insurance for your vehicle.

How are damages to my home handled in Newark, New Jersey?

If someone burglarizes your Newark, New Jersey home and makes off with your computer, television and set of solid brass candlestick holders, you can file a claim under your contents coverage of your home insurance policy. If a fire damages your home in Livingston, call your insurer and file a claim for the damages. If you have visitors at your Montclair, New Jersey home and someone falls and gets hurt, your insurance can protect you against any liability you may have.

Damages to your home or contents can be settled in a relatively short period of time, or sometimes, it can take months and months to get your claim settled.

Insurance companies are not going to pay out any claim without first having some evidence of the loss. When you have solid and indisputable evidence of your loss, your claim can be expedited and settled in a short time. However, if the best you can do is say you lost everything you owned inside of your home, it will take the insurance company longer to investigate and come up with an offer to settle your claim.

By strong evidence, we mean taking pictures of your furniture, television, computer and any other items that cost more than a few dollars to replace. You should also attach the original receipt showing the item, purchase date and amount you paid for it when it was purchased. It is also very helpful to leave any damaged items in their current condition and not try to clean them up or patch them back together, at least until the adjuster has a chance to evaluate your loss.

Your claim for damages to the contents inside your home, or the damages to the structure, will be settled based upon the evidence you provide and the evidence the adjuster sees. As your independent agent, we would suggest you keep good records of your inventory and try to mitigate further damage to your home while the claim process is taking place. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with the settlement offered by your insurance company, but if not, you always have the option of negotiation or arbitration before agreeing to accept your insurance company’s offer to settle.

Can I request for a change in the auto insurance coverage in Newark, NJ?

The coverage limits that you have on your policy were preselected by you when you signed up for the policy. The limits of liability and physical damaged coverage pays out to the stated amounts if you are ever involved in a vehicle accident. So the question that comes up for most people is whether or not they can change their insurance coverage in the Newark, New Jersey area.

The Things You Can Do with Your Car Insurance Coverage

  • Your auto policy is designed to protect you and the drivers of your household. So when something changes you should be able to make a change to the policy. You are able to request a change to the liability limits during the policy term if you ever want too.
  • You can also add physical damage benefits if you need too. You will have to choose a deductible so make sure you can afford what you select.
  • Feel free to add towing and rental car benefits if you ever want to round out your policy. Towing gives you help if you ever break down on the side of the road and rental car benefits allows you to have a car when yours is being worked on.
  • Gap coverage can be added if you ever add a brand new car to your policy. Gap pays the depreciation difference between the value of the car and amount of the loan.

Living in Livingston and Montclair areas means that you must have insurance to drive. Should you have any questions call your independent agent today and let them answer your questions. They can help you find the policy and make the changes that you need to drive your car in the state of New Jersey.

Due to claims in Newark, NJ, my auto insurance rates are increasing, what’s the trick to keep them down

The way that insurance rates are set depend on several things. On a personal level it is based on the coverage limits that you have chosen, your driving record and your insurance score (PFM). On a higher level the rate is set by any number of factors including the number of claims that have been made in the Newark, New Jersey area. To help keep your rate down here are some things that you can do.

Top Ways to Keep Your Insurance Rate Affordable

  • One trick is to keep your PFM score at a high level. Your PFM score basically is a score that shows how you handle finances. The higher your score is the lower you insurance rate will end up being.
  • Keep a level of coverage limits that you can afford on the auto policy. Your limits should be just right to be able to pay for an entire accident. Also, you can remove any benefits that you do not need.
  • Keep your rate from increasing by shopping for a new insurance policy. Rates go up and down all the time so it is just a good idea to check around for a better rate from time to time.
  • Try driving a car in Livingston and Montclair that is insurance friendly. Every car has a rating that can affect your premium. The more risky the car is to drive the higher your rates will end up being.

For questions about your insurance rate you may want to contact your independent agent today. We can answer your questions about your insurance policy. We can also help you keep you rate down by giving you details about how to keep you insurance affordable.