How Does a Car Qualify to be Eligible for Classic Car Insurance in Newark, New Jersey?

Driving a classic car does not necessarily mean that your vehicle will qualify for a classic car insurance policy in Newark, New Jersey. In many cases, insurers will have strict standards that you must meet before they will cover your vehicle. The best way to get covered for a classic car is by identifying the rules that your insurer sets before you obtain coverage.

Limitations on Driving

When it comes to auto coverage for a classic vehicle, insurers may set a driving limitation to reduce the risk of an accident. Insurers may provide a set guideline for how many miles you are allowed to drive in a year.

In most cases, insurers will not offer coverage as a classic vehicle if you drive the automobile on a daily basis.

Storage Requirements

In some cases, insurers may ask that you store the vehicle in a private garage where it cannot be damaged by another individual. Some insurers may not require a private space, but may still ask that you store it in an enclosed space away from the elements.

The storage requirements may vary between insurers, so read through the details of a policy before you determine if you vehicle might qualify for coverage.

Exhibition Coverage

Insurers may offer coverage for exhibitions, but the details of your policy may vary if you take your vehicle to car shows. Depending on your plans, the insurer may require additional protection.

Finding the right insurance for your classic vehicle can depend on a variety of factors. Before you obtain a quote, make sure that your vehicle qualifies for coverage based on the insurer’s standards. Contact us to talk to an independent agent for more details about coverage requirements.

Now that my business is established in Newark, NJ, I think it is time to offer my employees some benefits. What do I need to know?

There are several different types of insurance benefits you should think about offering your employees in Newark, New Jersey. If you want to keep good employees, the type of insurance coverage you provide could mean the difference between people staying for the long term or quitting when they find something better. You should speak with an independent agent about the types of commercial coverage you need in NJ.

One important benefit to offer is health insurance. You can shop around with several different companies to find a health insurance plan you can offer your employees that will not break the bank. If your business health coverage is too expensive, your employees will not be able to utilize the protection. Again, we can help you compare the rates and quotes from reputable insurance providers and find the perfect plan for your business.

Another important benefit is workers compensation coverage. Depending on the size of your commercial business, this type of protection is required by law. In the event one of your employees is injured at work, you need to make sure you are covered to not only pay the medical expenses, but also the missed time from work. Speak with a New Jersey independent agent about how much coverage you will need.

Once your business is up and running and doing well, you want to keep the employees that helped you get there. The best way to do that is to offer benefits that will entice employees to stay loyal to you and your business. Contacts us today to discuss your unique insurance needs and we fill find you the best insurance coverage for your business.

New Jersey Commercial Insurance Coverage

If you own a business in Newark or any other area within New Jersey, you’re required to carry several forms of commercial insurance coverage to protect yourself and your business from various financial liabilities. Commercial insurance covers the gamut from automobiles owned and used by your business to workers compensation and medical expenses for employees.

To maximize your protection against a variety of unforeseen events, it’s important to know what types of commercial insurance policies are available, as well as the coverage they offer:

· General Liability Insurance (CGL) – This form of insurance ensures that your business is covered against legal and financial claims resulting from bodily injury, slander and libel. It also covers your business in the event of theft or vandalism.

· Property Insurance – This form of insurance protects your business property, including land, inventory and on-site possessions, against natural and unnatural disasters.

· Workers Compensation – If your employees are injured on the job, this policy takes care of their medical expenses and wages while they recover.

· Commercial Auto Insurance – Similar to personal auto insurance, it covers the vehicles your business owns and/or uses, as well as their drivers under certain circumstances.

Many of these policies can be bundled into a Business Owner Package (BOP) that offers a significant savings over individually purchased policies.

The amount of coverage offered by these plans depends on the size and type of business and varies by cost accordingly. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out how much coverage your business needs to provide adequate coverage and comply with New Jersey state minimums. As your independent agent, we can help you find the right commercial plans that suit the unique needs of your business.

Which Security Devices will Reduce my Motorcycle Insurance Premium in Newark, New Jersey?

Insurance companies offer a variety of solutions to help reduce the cost of your premium, but the details of any policy and the methods of applying discounts to your coverage may vary. In Newark, New Jersey, it may be possible to reduce your premiums by taking measures to improve the security on your motorcycle.


When you want to reduce your premium with a discount, taking steps to reduce the risk of theft is essential. Insurers may offer a reduced rate if you install security devices that sound an alarm when the motorcycle is touched or actions are taken that would signal a theft.

Unlike an auto alarm, the system on a motorcycle may not sound if the bike is touched on accident. Learn about the system before you install an alarm to make sure it is the type of system that you prefer.


Cable locks and similar locking systems may also help lower your insurance premiums while making sure that your bike is covered from financial losses.

Locks help reduce the risk of theft because it would take longer to steal a motorcycle that is locked up than one that is not. It may lower your monthly rate if you put in a lock, but each insurer is different and the devices that are acceptable for a discount may vary based on the risk assessment and the potential to deter a theft.

It is possible to lower your insurance rate if you take steps to secure your motorcycle, but the devices that are acceptable to your insurer may vary. Before you put in a new security device, find out about the insurer’s standards. Contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about securing your motorcycle or reducing your premium.