Which Security Devices will Reduce my Motorcycle Insurance Premium in Newark, New Jersey?

Insurance companies offer a variety of solutions to help reduce the cost of your premium, but the details of any policy and the methods of applying discounts to your coverage may vary. In Newark, New Jersey, it may be possible to reduce your premiums by taking measures to improve the security on your motorcycle.


When you want to reduce your premium with a discount, taking steps to reduce the risk of theft is essential. Insurers may offer a reduced rate if you install security devices that sound an alarm when the motorcycle is touched or actions are taken that would signal a theft.

Unlike an auto alarm, the system on a motorcycle may not sound if the bike is touched on accident. Learn about the system before you install an alarm to make sure it is the type of system that you prefer.


Cable locks and similar locking systems may also help lower your insurance premiums while making sure that your bike is covered from financial losses.

Locks help reduce the risk of theft because it would take longer to steal a motorcycle that is locked up than one that is not. It may lower your monthly rate if you put in a lock, but each insurer is different and the devices that are acceptable for a discount may vary based on the risk assessment and the potential to deter a theft.

It is possible to lower your insurance rate if you take steps to secure your motorcycle, but the devices that are acceptable to your insurer may vary. Before you put in a new security device, find out about the insurer’s standards. Contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about securing your motorcycle or reducing your premium.