Four mistakes that could unnecessarily raise your car insurance premiums

You need to put money toward car insurance, but there is a lot of variation in how much you can spend on a policy depending on factors like coverage options and discounts. Unfortunately, a lot of motorists don’t put enough time and thought into their insurance and end up overspending.

The following are four mistakes that could unnecessarily raise your car insurance premiums:

Buying only the minimum coverage required by law

The minimum coverage required by law is typically only going to cover damage your vehicle causes other vehicles or property in an accident. It’s not going to cover damage to your own vehicle.

If your car is worth a significant amount of money, it’s a good idea to get collision coverage.

Neglecting to look into discounts you’re eligible for

There are various discounts out there for those who have taken driver safety courses or are students with good grades, for example.

Making payments monthly rather than bi-annually

Most car insurance providers are going to give you the option of either paying for a policy upfront that will last for six months or paying month by month. There is typically a discount that goes along with paying upfront. This means that, if you can afford to, you should pay upfront to save money over the long term.

Insisting on a very low deductible

A lot of motorists don’t like the idea of a higher deductible because it means that they’re going to have to shell out more cash in the event of an accident. However, lower deductibles typically mean higher premiums and could cost more in the long run.

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5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs Commercial Insurance

It’s an exciting time to open a business in Newark, NJ! To help new small businesses, E.S.T.I.R. Inc. has put together this helpful list of everything you need to know about commercial insurance.

Legally Required Insurance

In New Jersey, most employers are required to have some type of workers’ compensation coverage or be qualified for self-insurance. Most small businesses in the state purchase a commercial policy that at least covers the legal compensation requirements. However, a commercial policy that offers coverage that goes beyond the legal requirements can be hugely beneficial.

Property Damage

A commercial insurance policy can cover the cost of repair or replacement to your property should it become damaged by yourself or an employee.

Bodily Injury

If a customer or visitor is injured while on your property, this type of insurance could cover that person’s medical expenses. This coverage can extend to injuries causes by yourself or an employee at another person’s work place or home if you were there for business reasons.

Personal Injury

Commercial insurance could cover the costs of non-physical damages, such as those that infringe on a person’s rights, reputation, or that result from some form of perceived discrimination.

Legal Costs

Should you need to defend yourself and your business in court, a commercial insurance policy could cover the cost of your legal defense and judgments. This includes legitimate suits as well as lawsuits deemed to be “frivolous”.

There are many other situations where commercial insurance can be the perfect safety net for a small business owner. Call E.S.T.I.R. Inc. today to discover more options you have to protect the future of your business!