Tips to Avoid Fender Bender Fraud

Fender bender fraud raises car insurance premiums for all drivers out on the road every year by costing insurance companies enormous sums of money. As a driver, you can do your part to minimize another driver’s chances of pulling off insurance fraud with the following five helpful tips:

Always get a police report written up

Sometimes, drivers are tempted to forego the police report because it usually takes a lot of time to wait for the police to arrive on the accident scene. However, any time you’re exchanging insurance information with another driver, you should also be having the police come in to observe and mediate the proceedings. 

Look for witnesses

It’s often hard for drivers who are shy to get the witness testimony they need because they’re reluctant to question bystanders. However, doing so could really help you out later on. If you have numerous witness testimonies backing you up and supporting the idea that a claim is fraudulent, you’ll be able to protect yourself from unfair claims on your insurance policy. 

Take pictures

After the accident, take pictures of everything. Pictures are especially useful in proving that an individual was not really severely injured at the time of the accident. You therefore might even want to get pictures of the other drivers involved if possible. 

Communicate with your insurance company

If your suspicious of fender bender fraud, you should tell your insurance company. Your insurance company knows how to investigate suspicious cases. If you want to prevent your rates from going up because of an unfair claim, notify your insurance provider of any suspicions right away. 

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The Benefits of Insuring Your Home In Newark, New Jersey

It’s critical to have homeowner’s insurance wherever you live, but especially in Newark, New Jersey, the biggest city in the Garden State. There are a number of different reasons for this and some of the most important ones are listed below so you can be sure you set up the right home insurance policy in Brick City.


One of the most important things homeowner’s insurance does is protect your home against unexpected disasters, like a fire that breaks out and burns part of the house down, or a broken pipe that leads to flooding and mold within the house itself, or a blizzard that causes a roof to collapse. These types of disasters can really cost you if you don’t have homeowner’s insurance and lead to economic problems that most people would have trouble fully recovering from.


Homeowner’s insurance policies also cover people in the home as well, namely those who are living in your home if they happen to hurt themselves. These liability aspects to homeowner policies will keep homeowners from being sued when people hurt themselves in the home and also pay for their medical expenses in case an accident happens while they are visiting or even living there.


Owning a home is a lot to worry about in general for most people and anyone who is a homeowner also knows the money and worry they put into their house on a regular basis. So just having the piece of mind that your home will be protected from just about anything by a good homeowner insurance policy is worth it. Make sure you have the right one through a company like E.S.T.I.R. Inc. who serves the greater Newark, New Jersey area.