Understanding your Insurance options

Insurance can be an important part of protecting your property and assets. Although every plan is different and the coverage that you purchase may vary, you should always understand the basics before you contact insurance agents to help you find a policy that is appropriate for the property or situation that has caused your concerns.

Basic Coverage

Generally, insurance agents will help you understand the coverage in a policy by explaining the details and helping you understand the terminology that you may find confusing.

The basic coverage that is provided on any policy will usually relate to liability protection and common risks. In the case of vehicle insurance, you will often discover that the coverage meets or exceeds the state’s requirements. Additional coverage may be available based on the situation and your concerns.

Adding to the Plan

Many insurers will allow you to add protection to your policy based on the situation and the risks that you are worried about facing. When you are not sure about the policy that is best for your goals and needs, you may want to consider purchasing a plan that has comprehensive protection.

A comprehensive plan is more complete than a policy that is designed to address the common risks and concerns, but it may have a few exceptions and limitations. You should always find out all of the details before you determine that it is the best plan for your goals and concerns. Keep in mind that every policy is different and insurers protect against various risks that may differ between companies.

Your insurance options depend on the type of problems that you may face and the concerns that you want to address. Working with an agent can provide the information and tools that you need to find the best plan. Contact us to talk to an agent for more details.

Is stolen money covered under home insurance at NJ

Stolen money is covered under many home insurance policies, but not all. It is extremely vital that you talk to your insurance agent about exactly how much money (if any) that your home insurance policy will cover in the event of a break in or the total destruction of the home (for example, if your home succumbed to an electrical fire and your cash was lost along with everything else).

Many insurance policies will cover cash up to a specified amount. This amount can vary widely and could be anything from a hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. If you plan to keep large amounts of cash in the home, or if you plan to keep any other highly valuable items in your home (large amounts of very pricey jewelry, for example) you need to ask your independent agent about adding a rider to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

A rider is simply a small addition to your homeowner’s insurance policy that will provide additional coverage not specified in the main policy. Most people elect to secure riders in situations where their primary homeowner’s insurance coverage would be insufficient to fully replace something in the event of total loss.

You may be able to get an insurance rider for only a specific amount if it involves keeping cash in your home. If you have been keeping large amounts of cash in your home and your insurance agency cannot provide a large enough homeowner’s policy and/or rider to cover a potential total loss, you should talk to your agent about other options for keeping your money safely.

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