Protect Your New Business with Commercial Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve gone into business for yourself. No more bosses or time clocks! Except now if a mistake occurs, it is all on you. Did you insure your new company, protecting your ability to remain operating in the case of accident or disaster? Are your personal assets protected from business decisions, good or bad? If the answer is no, you might want to think about commercial insurance products from E.S.T.I.R. Inc. 

Loss of Company Building

Fires and major storms will happen. Should the property burn down that your new business is located in, how will you rebuild? With the right protection in place, you will be able to replace or relocate and start sending out product to your anxious customers once again.  Otherwise, your dream that you invested all your money and effort into will simply vanish in a column of smoke.

No Business During Construction

Should the aging road outside your property undergo badly needed repairs by the state, how will you get patrons to your front door or your product out? With no commerce happening during the fragile first few years of operation, how likely is it that you could survive a month or two of lost income?  Commercial insurance can provide enough cash during an interruption in business to protect your most valuable asset.

Replace Damaged Equipment

The industrial press needed to build your business cost almost as much as the building.  Should it fail due to vandalism without warranty, where are you going to raise the capital to replace it? Your capital equipment would be protected with the right policy.

E.S.T.I.R. Inc. has all the commercial insurance products needed to ensure your new business can flourish for years to come. Give them a call today.