Newark Goes Green: Tips to Recycle Home Items

Recycling is something we all know we should do, but it’s clear that not every American practices good habits. To avoid this fate, it helps to be aware of common household items you can recycle around the house. Start rethinking the following items today to have less negative impact on the environment. 

Paper In Every Form 

Cereal boxes and junk mail all count, so before you absentmindedly stick another piece of packaging into the trash remind yourself that it doesn’t go there. Paper plates and paper cups also need to be in the recycling bins after you throw a party. People may toss these things plus other common paper products like books or shredded documents because it’s easier to do than find a recycling facility, but you need to make the effort to get these items to the right place. 

Electronics: DVDs, Batteries and Computers 

None of these things belong in the trash. Beyond being a wasteful act, they actually contain ingredients that may contaminate the water or the ground. Few areas don’t have a recycling center for these items, although it’s generally not in the same location as the people who take soda bottles and cardboard. 

Miscellaneous Items

Get creative here! Paper towel rolls may keep the different wires for your TV from getting all tangled. Reuse take-out plastic containers instead of buying new ones. Make a watering container out of an old milk jug, and use your ratty clothes as rags if you can’t find a place to recycle them. Take your nicer clothes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. 

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Facts on Premium vs. Regular Gas Every Driver Should Know

When it comes to the matter of fueling one’s vehicle, quality is, at times, much more important than quantity. On the flip side, many cars are better off with just regular gas. Are you having trouble differentiating between the two? Not to worry. The following is a closer look at the differences between premium versus regular gas to decide which type is best for your car. 

If Premium Is Not Specified, It’s Not Needed

First and foremost, you might believe that you are helping your car out by purchasing premium gas. However, unless the need for premium fuel is explicitly stated, your vehicle will not operate any more proficiently with premium gas. 

Engine Type

Moreover, if your vehicle does not specify premium gas, it’s likely with good reason. The vehicles that suggest premium gas have turbochargers, high-compression engines, and other high-performance aspects that are given a boost when they are powered by premium fuel. 

Top Tier Gas Benefits 

In addition to that, fueling your vehicle with Top Tier gas, in general, can provide your car with a host of benefits. By specifically gassing your vehicle up with fuel marked "Top Tier", you will be purchasing gas that has received an official designation from the Environmental Protection Agency and thus, guarantees that the gas meets a minimum standard in terms of performance as well as cleanliness. 

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