How Does a Car Qualify to be Eligible for Classic Car Insurance in Newark, New Jersey?

Driving a classic car does not necessarily mean that your vehicle will qualify for a classic car insurance policy in Newark, New Jersey. In many cases, insurers will have strict standards that you must meet before they will cover your vehicle. The best way to get covered for a classic car is by identifying the rules that your insurer sets before you obtain coverage.

Limitations on Driving

When it comes to auto coverage for a classic vehicle, insurers may set a driving limitation to reduce the risk of an accident. Insurers may provide a set guideline for how many miles you are allowed to drive in a year.

In most cases, insurers will not offer coverage as a classic vehicle if you drive the automobile on a daily basis.

Storage Requirements

In some cases, insurers may ask that you store the vehicle in a private garage where it cannot be damaged by another individual. Some insurers may not require a private space, but may still ask that you store it in an enclosed space away from the elements.

The storage requirements may vary between insurers, so read through the details of a policy before you determine if you vehicle might qualify for coverage.

Exhibition Coverage

Insurers may offer coverage for exhibitions, but the details of your policy may vary if you take your vehicle to car shows. Depending on your plans, the insurer may require additional protection.

Finding the right insurance for your classic vehicle can depend on a variety of factors. Before you obtain a quote, make sure that your vehicle qualifies for coverage based on the insurer’s standards. Contact us to talk to an independent agent for more details about coverage requirements.