How can Traffic Tickets affect auto Insurance rates in Newark, NJ?

If you tend to have a lead foot and regularly exceed the speed limit while driving on the roads and highways in Newark, New Jersey, you better watch out for those red flashing lights that will inevitably show up in your rear view mirror. Getting traffic tickets for any kind of moving violation can lead to a big increase in your auto insurance rates when it comes time to renew your car policy.

When you get tickets for speeding, failure to yield the right of way, illegal passing, failing to slow down in a school zone, or any number of serious traffic violations, you have several choices. You can simply plead guilty to the charge and get points assessed to your driver’s license. You will then have to pay the fine and it is possible that your insurance rates for your vehicle will go up.

It is never a good thing when you get a ticket for driving too fast in Livingston or going through a red light in Montclair. Not only will you almost always be looking at a fine of at least $100 dollars, but the incident will be reported to your insurance company. While one ticket for speeding might not affect your car premium, three or four will definitely send it higher than it was before the traffic infractions occurred.

You may be able to take a driver education class to keep from getting points on your license, but that will not dismiss the charges and you will still have to pay the ticket or tickets you received. Other than maintaining a clean driving record for at least the next three years and not getting any more tickets, there is not much you can do when you have been found guilty of traffic violations and ordered to pay the penalty.

As your independent agent, we might be able to find you an insurance company who is more lenient with their rates for drivers with traffic tickets on their record. Give us a call and let an independent agent help you find the most affordable car insurance for your vehicle.