Can an insurance company in Newark, NJ, ask you to make changes to your home in order to renew it?

When you first get an insurance policy for your home there is a good chance that they will order an inspection before the policy can be issued. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure that the home has been properly maintained. When it comes time to renew your home policy there is good chance that they may inspect it again in Newark, New Jersey. Here are some things that you will need to know when it comes to the inspection and making changes to your home.

What You Can Expect During a Home Inspection for Insurance Purposes

· A home inspection can take place at anytime. If the company finds something that was not disclosed during the interview phase, they might end up asking you to correct the issue.

· One such issue is the addition of a trampoline. Most insurance companies will not issue a policy to homes with these devices. If they find that you have one, then you may end up losing your coverage.

· If the company finds anything structurally that is a high risk item, then you may be asked to fix the issue before the policy can be issued or extended.

· Once the problem has been fixed you will need to provide proof that is fixed so your policy can continue.

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