Do I Need my Automobile and Homeowner Policies, in Spite of Having an Umbrella Policy in Newark, NJ?

Purchasing an umbrella policy in Newark, New Jersey does not mean that you are covered for accidents or problems in your home. Depending on your current goals, the amount of auto insurance and homeowner’s coverage that you need will vary. Regardless of the details, an umbrella policy is not enough to handle every situation that may arise.

What is an Umbrella Policy?

An umbrella policy is a type of protection plan that provides supplemental coverage in case you a sued for liability. It is not designed to pay for all of the costs or for issues that are not related to liability, such as repairs to your vehicle after a hail storm or a similar situation.

The plan is designed to protect your finances if you are involved in an accident and your basic coverage does not pay enough to handle all of the costs. It can be applied to your vehicle or your house, depending on where you are worried about losing funds.

Finding the Right Plans

Since an umbrella policy is a supplemental insurance solution, it is not appropriate to give up your auto and home coverage. If your current policies are not appropriate for your goals or needs, then it may be necessary to look for a new plan. Finding the right policies for your car or house will depend on your goals, concerns and the amount of coverage that you want.

It is not enough to obtain an umbrella policy and hope that it will work well. The plan is designed to protect you from financial liability in excess of your car or house coverage. Contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about protecting your assets.