Would homeowners insurance pay for carpeting that was damaged by a fire started accidentally in the home?

Taking steps to protect your home can be complicated, but most basic homeowner’s policies in Newark, NJ will have solutions to help repair fire damage and related situations. The key is identifying the situations that are covered and the potential clauses that may prevent you from making a claim on your current plan.

Accidental Fires

In most cases, accidental fire damage is covered by the basic home policy. Accidental fires can be caused by a variety of factors, so it may be possible that certain exceptions or clauses may apply to the particular situation. Depending on the fire and the amount of damage, some insurers may provide partial protection to help replace the carpeting that was ruined by the flames.

Accidental fires can start from several sources, such as a candle, cigarette or even the home’s electrical system. In many cases, the insurer will offer coverage to repair the damages.

Exceptions in the Policy

Even though you may have coverage against fire damage, it is possible that an exception may apply to your situation. For example, if an insurer has an exception related to candles, then a fire that you accidentally started by knocking over a candle may not be covered.

Exceptions in any policy can vary based on the plan you purchased, the insurer and any special clauses that you or the insurer added. Evaluate your plan to determine if you have coverage for the specific situation to avoid any miscalculations or potential problems.

A fire is usually covered by a homeowner’s plan, but the details of the situation may impact the amount that you are given for repairs. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information about making a claim.