House Sitting Is More Than Watching Their TV

So the neighbors asked you to watch their house while they are off vacationing in the Bahamas. Outside of being especially jealous of their travel plans, you begin to wonder what exactly you should do inside their home. After all, they have that nice cable package with the premium channels you decided not to spring for. Sure, indulge in some TV watching, but house sitting is so much more than just watching the television. As E.S.T.I.R. Inc. points out, there are plenty of chores you need to stay on top of. 

Freezing Pipes

In Newark, NJ freezing pipes during the winter can be a problem. When you leave the house, make sure the heat is down around the 50 degree mark. This helps prevent the pipes from freezing, which is one of the most important jobs you have while house sitting. 

Flush the Toilet

Depending on how old the house is, you might need to work the gaskets in the toilet from time to time. Older homes can have leaks, flooding or backups. Flushing the toilet every day or so keeps everything flowing properly. 

Bring in the Mail

House sitting is all about making the house look as if it is lived in. A dead giveaway is when the mail starts to collect. So, bring in the mail and the newspaper daily. A buildup of this is a sign to others the home owners are out. Even if you don’t go inside on a give day at least pick up the paper. 

Lights On and Off

Turn on different lights. Again, house sitting isn’t just keeping the house functioning but making sure other people believe someone is living inside. Changing the lights on and off throughout the time you watch the house gives off this impression.