How Many Drivers Can You Add to Your Auto Policy?

From visiting the Newark Reservoir to taking a long stroll at White Clay Creek State Park, there are so many things to do in and around Newark, New Jersey.  While you're driving from one attraction to another, you'll definitely want to make sure you are driving in a car that has insurance on it.  If you intend on letting someone else besides yourself drive your car, it is imperative to ensure they are covered under your car insurance policy.  Here's a quick look at adding drivers to your policy. 

You can essentially add as many drivers to your policy as you see fit; however, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First and foremost, the primary driver listed on the policy must be the actual owner of the car — meaning the title of the car must be in that person's name.  Secondly, the driving record of anyone you add on as a driver will affect your premium.  

If you intend on letting someone drive your car and you haven't added him or her to your policy, you'll want to contact your insurance company and see if the person can at least be added during the period of time that the person is going to be driving your car.  Some insurance companies will allow you to do this free of charge.  Take for instance that you and your cousin Sally who lives in Minnesota are taking a road trip to Kentucky.  Since it's such a long trip, there's a good chance that Sally will be driving your car part of the way, so you'll want to make sure she is covered on your policy.

To learn more about adding drivers to your auto insurance policy, contact one of our reputable insurance agents today.  This will help you rest assured that you are not liable for property or personal damage if another driver was to have an accident while driving your car.