Proving Fender Bender Fraud, Steps You Can Take to Clear Your Name

Often times when a fender bender occurs there is some confusion as to who caused it and what the proper course of action is. Though may states are considered no fault states, which means that blame cannot be assigned to one party or the other, there is still some importance in establishing what truly happened. In cases where you are involved in a fender bender that is not your fault and in which fraud is a factor, knowing how to prove that fraud is present is a big help.

The first step in any accident is to establish a clear time line. This means that you take the time to think about what series of events led to the accident in the first place. Were you at a red light, a stop sign, a turn, a parking lot, this type of information can be very helpful in determining what happened and what to do next. After the time line has been established, you will need to collect evidence.

This does not mean collecting things like fingerprints or any other sort of evidence of this nature, but rather things like witness statements, cell phone records to prove you were not using your phone, red light cameras is there are any present, and things of this nature. If you have witnesses be sure that you have their statements taken by a third party that is not partial so that they will stand up in court or any other legal setting. With the right evidence and possibly the assistance of an attorney, you should be able to clear your name and prove that the fender bender was a fraud to keep your rates from going up and your driving record from being marred. E.S.T.I.R. Inc. can help you to get your information in order and stop false claims.