Using Auto insurance as a Means to Save: How It Can Protect Your Wallet

When insurance just seems to take a bite out of your paycheck every month, it can just start to feel like another bill you have to pay. But your electricity bill isn’t something that helps you save money while your insurance does. Start looking at it a different way, and you may just find yourself better protected over time.

Living in Newark NJ

E.S.T.I.R. Inc. serves the people of this city, and we know that there are dangers that lurk at every turn on the road. People make mistakes of course when they drive, but they also make mistakes in life too. For instance, you may have an uninsured driver hit you, and then be unable to pay for the damages to your car. Or if you have liability only and then cause an accident, you may find that the limits of that liability do not cover all of the expenses. Even small accidents can end up becoming large hits to your savings account. 

Keeping Your Future Protected

The people of Newark, NJ need a knowledgeable source of information when it comes to making the best arrangements for themselves now. E.S.T.I.R. Inc. can provide you with more information if you’re looking to get a new quote or a better policy. We want you to be able to hold onto the savings that you’ve built up, and not spend them unnecessarily. Our agents keep your budget in mind, but also your future needs as well. It will always be more beneficial to make the sacrifice when you sign up for insurance rather than be hit with bills you can’t afford later on. Give us a call today for more information of how it can all work for you. 

Why it is Important to Winterize Your Vehicle

It is winter in Newark NJ, which means that we have plenty of cold days. Snow and ice are common this time of year, which is why it is important to winterize your vehicle.  The professional insurance agents E.S.T.I.R. Inc. want you to be safe and your car running in tip-top shape throughout the season, which is why we believe you should prepare your car for the cold by winterizing it.

What Does It Mean to Winterize Your Car?

Winterizing your car basically means that you perform regular maintenance on it each winter to ensure your drive is safe and smooth. It helps your vehicle to handle the cold weather and potentially treacherous road conditions. Some of the things you should do or have a mechanic do, to get your car in shape for winter include:

  • Check that the thermostat and defroster are in good working order.
  • Examine your tires and make sure they have plenty of tread or replace them.
  • Make sure your vehicle has plenty of antifreeze.
  • Keep your gas tank at full whenever possible to protect the fuel line from freezing.
  • Keep an emergency kit of essentials in your vehicle.

Why These Steps Are Necessary

By taking these simple steps, you can protect yourself against potential road hazards. For example, if you encounter snow and ice, it is important to have good tires. If your tires lack tread, you increase your risk of losing control of the vehicle. To stay warm, you need the heater and thermostat to work while driving. And if your vehicle breaks down, an emergency kit can keep you safe until help arrives. Always remember to call your insurance agent at E.S.T.I.R. Inc. of Newark, NJ if you need assistance. We are here to help.

Does Location Affect Your Home Insurance?

Location location location seems to be the mantra of real estate shoppers. The reasons vary from ideal commute to work, views, crime rates, school systems, proximity to nature and many more. But many people do not consider the insurance ramifications when choosing the location of their real estate purchases. The fact is that the location of a home has a direct impact on the insurance that the home needs, and even the insurance rates for the home.  E.S.T.I.R. Inc. serves Newark, NJ and the surrounding areas and can help you consider your insurance options for any location.

It is all about risk. If the home is located in an area that has an increased risk for any reason then the need for insurance increases,as does the likelihood of that insurance being used rise proportionately. But what defines an area with increased risk and rates? The answer can vary. lists official areas that are rated according to the risk of natural disaster, that is a great place to start when identifying insurance needs and potential danger. But when it comes to other factors that are not natural disasters the risk/rate can vary even by neighborhood or city block. Careful consideration when purchasing a home and insurance for that home is vital to keep your family covered no matter what.

Contact us at E.S.T.I.R. Inc. to discuss the insurance needs of a home you may be considering and to make sure you are fully covered for any disaster in your unique Newark, NJ neighborhood.  It is important to consider all of the variables when purchasing a home and insurance for it.



Auto Coverage Against Theft New Jersey

In New Jersey State, auto insurance is mandatory under law. Depending on the model of a car, age and driving record of a driver, residence, and type of insurance policy, costs may vary.  All drivers in New Jersey are required to hold minimum insurance coverage. Auto insurance law in the state is based on a ‘no-fault’ rule that states that regardless of fault in an accident, an insured has the right to coverage before a court ruling otherwise.

Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act

Auto insurer conformance with New Jersey’s Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act 1998, mandated that all drivers in the state carry a basic policy. In New Jersey, the Act mandates that insurance must be available to all drivers having a right to be insured. Exceptions and penalties applied under the 1998 Act, apply to driver’s license suspension, failure to pay license or registration fees, or incarceration. This includes drivers that are currently, or have previously been, incarcerated for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) in New Jersey.

New Jersey GTA Limits and Coverage

Drivers should protect themselves with auto theft insurance in New Jersey. Auto insurance companies serving the Newark metropolitan area, consider auto theft statistics in the calculation of policy costs. The cars most stolen in the state are assigned higher insurance rates. Automobile models targeted for theft the most often in New Jersey are the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Dodge Caravan, Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee, Ford Econoline E250, Ford Full-size Pickup, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Corolla.

Required Coverage in Newark, NJ

All vehicles in New Jersey must be insured with liability coverage for property damage of at least $5,000, and personal injury protection of $15,000. No-fault insurance agreements limit the right to sue a driver for pain and suffering beyond short-term medical care and bills.

Permanent or significant injury can be purchased for coverage of up to $250,000 in victim’s compensation in the case of a lawsuit. Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury coverage in New Jersey is a $15,000 minimum and up to $30,000 maximum coverage for an insured in an accident with an uninsured or inadequately insured motorist.

New Jersey drivers unable to show law enforcement a driver’s license and insurance coverage after an accident, may be subject to a fine of $300, community service, jail time, license suspension, and insurance surcharges.

Protect yourself and your vehicle with auto insurance in Newark, NJ.

How to Winterize Your Home in New Jersey

As the colder months are fast approaching, it is time to winterize your Newark, NJ home. There are a handful of different tips you need to perform, each of which will improve energy efficiency throughout the year, cut down on drafts and also help avoid those nasty winter colds.

HVAC Inspection

This should be performed annually. An HVAC inspection will clean out your vents, correct minor issues and make sure the furnace/boiler or other heating unit is functioning properly. This not only improves energy efficiency but it will improve air quality as well. This is also a good time to change out your furnace filter.

Check Windows and Doors

More air is lost around winders and doors than anywhere else in the home. It is also an area you can easily correct yourself. Check the weather stripping around all access points. If anything is cracked or missing, make sure to replace it. Also, fill in cracks around the frames to prevent air from escaping your warm home.

Insulate Your Pipes

Living in Newark, NJ, you probably have heard stories from friends or family members who have had burst pipes. Insulating pipes not only can help prevent this from happening but it also improves hot water transfers which in turn reduces your energy bills.

Storm Doors and Windows

Storm doors and windows can be easily installed around the house. These doors and windows act as a secondary barrier at protecting your home from leaking warm air. You’ll see an instantly lower energy bill after you go about installing these around the house. Plus, storm windows look much better installed than using the plastic wrap option. While plastic wrap is good if you’re in a pinch and only have a few dollars to spend, storm windows will last and provide improved insulation.

Should You Increase Your Auto Insurance if You Are Planning on Driving Through a State With Higher Minimum Coverage Requirements Than You Carry?

If money is tight in your household, you may have the minimum amount of auto insurance that the state requires. This helps to keep your auto insurance premiums low. However, the minimum amount of auto insurance that you are required to carry varies from state to state. As such, if you are traveling out of state for work or for pleasure, you may find yourself wondering if you need to increase your coverage if one or more of the states you will be traveling in has higher minimum coverage requirements.

What most people do not realize is that even thought your policy limits say they are good in the state you reside, they are actually good nationwide. And if your current minimums do not meet the minimums in other states, your auto insurance automatically boosts the limits up to the minimum when you are in these states. And no, you don’t have to notify the insurance company you are traveling in these states or on vacation. It is something that is automatically done if you are in an accident in the state.

The only time this is not the case is if your auto insurance specifically states that the policy amounts do not automatically adjust in another state. This may occur if you are involved in multiple accidents out of state. Unless your policy specifically precludes it, your insurance will self adjust when you are in other states with higher minimums than you carry, ensuring you don’t have to change your policy amounts as you travel.

If you are looking to increase the coverage amount of your auto insurance policy, or are simply shopping around for a new one, E.S.T.I.R. Inc. can help. We provide a full range of insurance products, including auto insurance, to the greater Newark, NJ area. Call us today or stop by our office to learn more about our products, get answers to your questions or obtain a quote for an auto insurance policy.

Keep your family and home protected in 2017

Whether you have purchased your first home that you intend on starting your family in or your next home after the kids have left for college, it is always important that you protect your nest and your family with the right home insurance. You Newark NJ area home is the heart of a bustling metropolitan area and should be protected against weather mishaps like hurricanes as well as the unforeseen incidents. When you have the right home insurance backing you, it allows you to live your best life, with peace of mind in your own home. 

Our agents at E.S.T.I.R. Inc. understand how important your home is to you and that protecting it is at the top of your priority list. We also know that purchasing home insurance for the first time or choosing a new insurance can be a tricky process filled with many questions. Our agents encourage you to come to our offices prepared to ask, inquire, and voice any of your concerns that you may have. We will happily walk you through the process of choosing the right policy to protect your home and your family. Here at E.S.T.I.R. Inc. , your needs are our priority.

Do not hesitate! Call our office today to talk to one of our knowledgeable agents about how we can help you protect your home, your family, and your peace of mind. Stop by our office and we will be happy to help you sort through your options, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Don’t wait to protect your home and family from the unpredictable. Contact us today!

Why Newark Needs Better Auto Insurance Coverage

It’s extremely tempting to see the price tag for liability auto insurance and choose that as your policy option. The upfront cost is really all people see sometimes, especially when there are so many other things to pay for in any given month. However, the people of Newark, NJ need to think beyond just the matter at hand to all the possible scenarios that may just end up being too much to handle without better car insurance. 

The Costs of Crashes

Just one minor crash can end up being a very major affair. E.S.T.I.R. Inc. has seen people be caught unawares when they file a claim and are denied based on the terms of their policy. Without coverage, an uninsured motorist could hit you, and there would be no recourse that you would have to get your car fixed. Or you may have your car broken into to take a very expensive stereo, only to find out that the loss will be something that comes entirely out of your pocket. There are a number of situations that aren’t covered, and it’s better to find out about it before it becomes a real problem. 

A Better Way 

Newark, NJ has people from every walk of life, and it’s especially important to start looking at buying a policy that covers the many things that could possibly go wrong. Dealing with E.S.T.I.R. Inc. means talking to agents who have your best interests at heart, and having a contact number where you’re treated like a person. When something goes wrong, it’s stressful to deal with having to tell your story three times to three different people. Instead of putting yourself through that, give us a call to find out more about our quotes and policies.