If I have a bad driving record can I get lower insurance rates by purchasing a car and getting a new policy in the name of my spouse?

A bad driving record means that it can be challenging to get the best rates available for your car insurance. Even though it can be possible to lower some rates with the help of a spouse who has a better driving record, you will still need to keep your name on a policy if you plan to drive the car.

Driving Without Coverage

Buying a new policy for your car under the name of your spouse may lower insurance rates due to the better driving record, but it also means that you cannot drive the car unless you also add yourself to the policy. The impact on the rates if you are listed as a secondary driver may not be enough to make it worth the effort of changing your current plan.

Driving without coverage for yourself may make your policy invalid since you live in the same house as the primary driver on the policy.

Listing as a Secondary Driver

Even though it is necessary to list your name on the policy as a secondary driver if you plan to drive the car, putting your spouse as the primary driver can help lower your rates, particularly if you do not drive regularly and the other individual has an excellent driving record.

As a driver who is listed on the policy, you will still have coverage if you are in an accident, but the amount that you pay may be reasonable.

A good driving record is essential if you want to have the best rates on your auto policy. Contact us to talk to an agent to learn more about reducing the cost of coverage and the options that are available.