Do I need commercial auto insurance if I use my personal vehicle to make quarterly visits to my employer’s clients?

If you are an employee who uses a personal vehicle for business purposes, commercial-auto-insurance is usually going to be necessary. Even though you might only use your personal vehicle for these business reasons on a limited basis, it is important to understand that your own personal policy will typically not include coverage for these business trips.

You need to review your personal auto insurance policy with your agent in Newark, NJ to learn precisely what is covered and what is excluded, but most personal policies have a clause that will specifically say that if the vehicle is being used for business purposes any damage caused or sustained will not be covered under the terms of the policy.

Since the personal policy will usually not cover any damage, it is important to get commercial-auto-insurance so that you are protected while making business trips, no matter how short or how infrequent they might be.

Your employer will need to be made aware of this, so be sure to speak with your employer and let him or her know that you are not covered under your personal policy and that you need to get proper protection under a commercial policy.

Your insurance agent can work with you to create a policy that includes both personal coverage for your own needs and commercial coverage for the needs of your job and your employer. When you arrange both policies with the same insurance agency, you may even be able to get a discounted rate for doing so!

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