What is the difference between general liability and commercial liability?

As a business owner, you already know that you need to be fully protected by your insurance policies, but you may not know the differences in two essential types of liability insurance. Most businesses should have both commercial liability and general liability, but you should discuss this with your insurance agent to be certain you are properly covered for your specific situation.

General liability is the liability insurance that all businesses need to have. Most states in the U.S. require this, so you should talk to your insurance agent about the level that will be required to stay compliant in your state. This is the insurance that will provide protection for claims resulting from damages people suffer while on your business property. Further, it will typically also cover claims resulting from product damages, for example if a product produced by your company is found to cause injury.

Professional liability is designed to protect you from different types of claims, namely claims resulting from failure to fulfill business obligations. If your company fails to fulfill the terms of a contract or fails to fulfill obligations and someone has proven damages resulting from that, this insurance will cover those damages.

In some cases you may find that the state minimum levels of liability insurance will suffice for your situation, but many business owners find that it is best to have a more customized level of insurance that will cover every potential damage to the business. Your business is essential to your future and your livelihood, and it should be treated as such. Talk to your independent insurance agent about the coverage needed to protect your business today!