Harrison, NJ, car insurance coverage plans

Car insurance is an important part of protecting your assets and avoiding financial challenges in Harrison, NJ. Although you are not required to purchase a large amount of coverage, you do need to comply with the state’s minimum standard and you may want to purchase additional protection if you are not sure about a particular policy.

Basic Policies

In the state of New Jersey, you can choose between a few different policies. The basic policy is the bare-bones plan that will only provide coverage for property damage and personal injuries.

Although the minimum standards are very low, you can purchase a basic plan with bodily injury protection as well. The additional coverage is not required, but it can help if you are worried about personal injuries or the injuries to your passengers if an accident occurs.

Standard Policies

A standard policy is a simple plan that focuses primarily on liability, but has some coverage for uninsured drivers and includes coverage for bodily injuries. The standard policy will usually exceed the amount of liability protection that is provided in a basic policy, but the amount can be adjusted based on your personal concerns.

Comprehensive Plans

You can purchase more comprehensive policies to protect against theft, damages that are not related to an accident and similar challenges that may arise. A comprehensive plan may not always include protection for collisions, so you may need to purchase additional coverage in case a crash occurs so that you can repair your vehicle.

There are several plans that are available to protect your vehicle. Depending on your concerns and goals, the best plan to meet your needs can vary, so you should always compare your options. To learn more about your coverage options, contact us to talk to an agent.