Homeowner 101 Knowledge About Contractor Insurance

If you’ve had your home in Newark, NJ for a while, you’re likely going to face the reality that a live-in structure will eventually need repair. Or you may have decided it was time for some renovations. Either way, the home needs some help, and a lot of what is involved requires specific skill and expertise to solve. That then means hiring a contractor to come in an do the work. However, before you trigger that latest task app on your phone or call a contractor in the yellow pages, you need to be aware of what contractors insurance means for you, the customer.

Contractors are generally required by law to be licensed and bonded. This means they go through basic skill and knowledge testing, secure a license with the state or local government in Newark, NJ to identify them as a business and individual, and they take out insurance to cover their work. The last part is the critical one because there have been enough cases where a "contractor" takes people’s money for a job and then never completes it, leaving damage and more costs to repair. A bond, essentially an insurance policy, is the homeowner’s protection to seek recovery when a contractor doesn’t follow through on the work promised and paid for or causes even more damage than repair.

Because contractor bonding laws and insurance tend to be a bit archaic, just trying to look up the information on the Internet can be confusing. Instead, working with the staff at E.S.T.I.R. Inc. you can get straight answers about how contractors insurance works as well as your own homeowner’s insurance if needed. Then you can start your project with some peace of mind. Give E.S.T.I.R. Inc. a call today to find out more.