I Remodeled My Home: Do I Need To Increase The Value of My Home Insurance Policy?

If you have remodeled your home, you may have increased the value of your home. This may leave you wondering if your home insurance policy should be increased as well. Here is some information you need to consider.

Home Insurance Does Not Pay You the Value of Your Home

One common misconception about home insurance is that home insurance covers the value of your home. However, they do not. They cover what it would cost to rebuild or repair your home after an event. For example, if your $250,000 home was damaged in a fire, insurance would not pay you $250,000, if your policy limits are that high. They would pay what it would cost to rebuild your home to the same level it was before. This may only be $150,000 or $200,000. This is important to keep in mind as many people confuse the two.

Reasons to Increase Your Value After Remodeling

If you have remodeled, you may have used materials that are more expensive to repair than the materials you previously had. For example, marble is more expensive to replace than porcelain tiles. As such, if you have used expensive materials in your remodel, you will want to increase the value of your home insurance policy so these items are included if you need to file a claim.

Deciding whether to increase or decrease your home insurance policy is a big decision. You should let someone with experience and expertise guide you. When you have questions about a home insurance policy or are looking to purchase a new one, let E.S.T.I.R. Inc. in Newark, NJ help. Call us now to get answers to your question or get started pricing out your new insurance policy.