Harrison, NJ Homeowners Insurance

If you live in Harrison, you’ve worked hard and know the value of the money you’ve earned. That hard work has paid off with owning a home for you and your family. Now you need to protect that home from any personal injury claims that might be filed by somebody who gets hurt on your property. All it takes is for the cable guy to trip on your front steps, tear the cartilage in his knee and break his arm trying to break his fall. Now you have a personal injury claim, and you have to defend it. That’s what homeowners insurance is for. Without it, you’re looking at paying thousands and thousands of out-of-pocket liability. You just don’t that that kind of money sitting around.

On a covered peril like the cable guy, homeowners insurance that we set you up with can pay his medical bills, lost earnings and any future permanency. If he sues you, it can even pay your court costs and retain attorneys to represent you, all at no cost to you after your deductible. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

We’re independent insurance agents right here in Harrison. We live and work in Zip Code 07029 just like you do. Our kids might even go to the same school. Because we’re independent agents, we offer homeowners insurance coverage from several different insurers, and not just from one giant super sized insurance company. Due to our unique position, we give you objective and unbiased choices of who your insurer will be, what coverage you’ll have and how much you’ll pay in premiums. Other agents just aren’t allowed to do that. If you’re looking for new homeowners insurance or want to increase your coverage, just call us. We’re happy to talk to you.