What is usually not covered by home insurance?

Home insurance is a critical element of home ownership. It covers so many things by protecting you and your property. Unfortunately, standard home insurance does not cover everything. There is a list of exceptions to know about. Keep reading this blog post, and you will learn what is not covered by standard home insurance. 

Things that home insurance usually does not cover

1. Earthquakes and flood damage

Most insurance companies will not cover earthquakes, floods, sinkholes, or similar natural events. Good news: you can always purchase additional coverage that includes these unfortunate situations. 

2. Maintenance problems

Your main task is to take care of your home property, as standard home insurance does not cover maintenance issues. They are insect and termite damage, mold, rust, and bird damage. Also, if something is poorly made in the house, it will be excluded from the coverage. 

3. Other unfortunate situations

There are certain rare situations that your insurance will not cover. Typically, war and nuclear hazards are not included in a policy. If there are any expenses related to identity theft, they also won’t be covered. 

As you can see, standard home insurance does not cover everything. You have to pay for damage and loss out of pocket in certain situations. It does not mean that you should not carry home insurance. It is great protection against a lot of risks. Do you reside in Bloomfield, NJ, or any other nearby area in New Jersey? Want to know more about home insurance? Feel free to reach out to E.S.T.I.R. Inc. We know everything about insurance and are ready to answer all of your questions.