What kind of commercial insurance does my business need?

When someone asks if your Bloomfield, NJ business has a commercial insurance policy, you might think there’s only one policy type. More than 25 types of commercial insurance exist, and this blog explains the specialized insurance policies needed by the different types of businesses, such as dentists, medical doctors, lawyers, dance studios, etc.

E.S.T.I.R. Inc. offers all types of commercial insurance, including business owners’ policies, called BOPs in the industry. Commercial insurance involves many coverage aspects, each with its own policy.

Business Vehicles

If you primarily drive your auto for business purposes, you need to cover it with commercial automotive coverage. This protects your liability for causing an accident and your vehicle if you choose full coverage. Obtain a fleet policy if your business owns or leases more than one vehicle.

Truckers, we also offer the commercial coverage you need, including trucking liability and bobtail insurance. Let us help you properly insure your truck’s cab, trailer, loads, and personal use.

Malpractice and E&O

Individuals in the medical profession need medical malpractice insurance to protect their liability. This type of coverage ensures that they’re insured if something goes wrong during surgery or they misdiagnose a disease. Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance covers their liability if a medical device they created does harm. Examples of this include dental braces, prosthetic limbs, and implants.

Glass Insurance

Stores with storefronts of plate glass require glass coverage. A dance studio would also need this type of coverage to insure its mirrors that line the rehearsal floor. Gyms and retail stores typically purchase this insurance, too. Both locations contain significant amounts of glass as windows and mirrors.

Lawyers Need Liability Coverage

Lawyers must also purchase special business liability coverage called malpractice, but theirs focuses on legal malpractice. Both lawyers and medical practitioners typically hire staff, so they also need workers’ compensation coverage.

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