What Questions Should You Ask an Insurance Agent When Shopping for Auto Insurance

Insurance shopping always comes with questions. When you are shopping for auto insurance and talking with different insurance companies, make sure to ask them questions. Do you wonder what questions you should ask? Here is a list of some of them that can be great conversation starters with an insurance agent: 

Make Sure to Ask an Insurance Agent The Following Questions:

  • What is the minimum coverage I need to have? Most states, including the state of New Jersey, require liability insurance. It covers the costs of anyone injured or killed due to a road accident you have caused. It also covers the damage to their car, as well as legal fees and property damage. 
  • Why is my deductible? When an insurance company is offering you an insurance policy, make sure to ask about the deductible. It is a crucial question because the deductible determines how much you will pay for your insurance every month. 
  • Are there any discounts available? The tricky thing is that many insurance companies will not mention any discounts unless you ask them. You may be eligible for numerous discount options, so do not hesitate to injure about them. 

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